Winter and Williams Band – EP3

on July 17, 2014
You would have paid for this (or stole it) back in the day of CDs. With more vowels than most Welsh music this is essential summer listening.

Winter and Williams Band (W&W Band) are an alternative acoustic band from Cardiff, Wales on the go for the last 8 years. These guys focus on what is best described as kicking ass in a folk style.  This is music for the summer and the blend of finely crafted songs arranged with delightful acoustic guitar riffing, super bass lines, glove fit in the pocket drums and euphonus vocal harmonies.

We like EP3 a lot.  Just released last spring this came out just in time to offer a bounty of positivity not seen since Blues Traveller was good.

Three guys that make earthy and awesome sounds

Three guys that make earthy and awesome sounds

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