on July 21, 2014

Time Travelling Surfing

Cowabunga! This is the sound of a 1960s party that tended in a turbo riot!

The Fisherman is a multi-instrumentalist that channels the up-beat sound of west coast USA surf music that sounds like it was found preserved in ice from that glorious time.  It’s preservation via refrigeration would explain this surf sound’s seriously cool edge.

All the sounds fit seamlessly together – the paradiddle drums, twanging slap-back echo guitars and layered vocals combined with joyous harmonies and hooks that sound like they came from Pet Sounds out-takes.  Indeed this is the sound of wistful summers spent chasing girls and waves.

What makes this authentic flashback so good is that it sounds so absolutely “now”.  Mix this with Echocosmic and Winter + Williams Band and you’ve got your beach soundtrack sorted.


We’ve picked four of our favourites for your playlist.  Make sure you check out the bass on Girl of My Nightmares – it don’t get slicker than this!


The Breakdown

Production and Performance