Sailing the Seven Seas of Music

on July 19, 2014

The technology press often talk of the ‘prosumer’ when reviewing digital SLRs.  This breed of hobbyist gets great equipment that puts them up with the professionals.  When applied to music this can sound trite.  Software, Moore’s Law and the factories of China have made Soundcloud possible.

You see music very rarely pays the bills.  One in ten of your fellow human beings is a musician but it used to be the case that one would never get to hear the glorious music they make due to prohibitive cost of recording and the onerous demands of professional adult life.

JaCee is a nautical scientist.  In times past his life’s legacy would be his achievements in this field.  The aforementioned Sino-software-Moore triumvirate has ensured that the singular beauty of  JaCee’s work is now part of his life’s footprint on history.

This is a typical Soundcloud tale.  In another life Jacee would be leading a trio in a smoky basement bar in Manhattan or touring as a Santana sideman.  Soundcloud has become a way for him to share his gift with you.  Without it you would’ve missed it.

Our top pick is his cover of Luiz Bonfá’s Black Orchid (aka Manhã de Carnaval).  This is some slick jazz.  Authentic acoustic guitars, virtuosic keyboard playing and a trumpet solo to die for.  This is latin swing gold.

Once you’ve come back from this Brazilian jazz odyssey take a total right turn and check out the viceral anger of Risky Luv.  JaCee professes a love for Lolademo – the wonderfully mysterious Erika Bach (more of whom in a post coming from MsGlitter soon)  – it’s crazy to think the same guys came up with both!


Jacee seems to be just finding his flow on Soundcloud and his ability to delight and surprise in equal measure makes him a worthy follow on Soundcloud.


Some Plugs

JaCee Music’s Flagship LP – Risky Luv is available as a physical CD from Amazon and can be downloaded digitally from the usual digital retailes (iTunes et al)

JaCee creates music videos:

Jacee is hard at work with the Jags on a new up coming out later this summer or Autumn.

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