on July 22, 2014

Your Lips Will Burn

If you're not listening to this now you're wasting valuable listening-to-this song time

One of the the aspects of Soundcloud that listeners who really get into the service truly dig is the community.  Musicians and listeners can interact and, indeed, musicians and fellow musicians commune and eventually collaborate. Sometimes cyber musical magic can happen.

And magic is the only way to describe the transatlantic conjuring trick that is Endless Game.  Three musicians who had never met collaborated to create a slice of psychedelic noir that could easily become a Bond theme song.

Effortless guitar lines, strings and organ parts drift purposely across a delightful groove and then the vocal… Dubliner Maria Shiel picked up on the instrumental track as posted by Chris Prendergraft and Mark Todd and wove a spectacular lyric and vocal performance across track that engendered a sultry, smokey city narrative.  This is so unbelievably classy.  In fact if you’re not listening to this now you’re wasting valuable seconds that could be spent listening to this staggering musical achievement.


Separately these artists create some of the best music on Soundcloud – together they are unstoppable.  The community aspect of our favourite music website makes great things happen that geography normally prevents.  Let’s hope the The Night Kitchen continue to bring us more glorious sounds.

The Breakdown

Production and Performance
Noir Quotient