on July 31, 2014

Movers and Shakers

If this song was a dude it'd rob your girlfriend and you'd let it.

There’s something about Soundcloud that makes it more than a hosting service.  A subculture of collaboration really is able to make new art happen in the most unlikely and amazing ways.  And so to Shoot The Wendy Bird a collaborative project consisting of Barry Snaith (AKA The Inconsistent Jukebox, feature on this genius coming soon) of Wakefield, UK  and DOLLL of Las Vegas, USA.

In the real world the chances of the virtuosic mad professor Snaith encountering the visceral vocalist DOLLL are equivalent to CDs making a comeback – slim odds.

To illustrate the geographical disparity we’ve included this helpful illustration (Las Vegas on the right):




What’s amazing is that there is more of a brythonic twang from the acerbic vocals of DOLLL and a native appreciation of American funk forms from Snaith.  In any case it is a minor miracle that this music got made and we just wanted to highlight the wonders of the age we’re in.

And what music..

We’ll forego all the usual descriptive nonsense that come with reviews (jagged guitars, soulful vocals blah blah) – they’re all there.  We want to talk about how this collection of songs makes us feel.  The latent eroticism of All Shook Up takes the barely concealed latent eroticism of Presley’s American Dream destroying hit right into the 21st century.  It’s a song that has had it’s rebellious prurience restored.

We shall turn our attention to newish single Movers And Shakers.   A groove so tight and delicious you’ll want to take a drive with the roof down.  DOLLLs direct vocal style does battle with Snaith’s multilayered guitar assault – this is the most grooving guitar led funk track you’ll hear this year.  Snaith’s master production ensures there’s a lot of music pulling your ears for attention without losing your focus on DOLLL’s lazy vocal.

We’re fairly confident that at some point a collaborative effort from Soundcloud will break into the mainstream.  Keep an eye on these two.  It’s only a matter of time.



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