on July 25, 2014

A Modern Music Renaissance

An avant-garde blend of past, present, and future


One of the most remarkable conventions of acoustic music is the deeply rooted sound that is often delivered in the most unconventional of ways. There is something powerful about connecting a rich, organic sound with elaborate storytelling and world experiences. In a modern renaissance of sorts, Dublin-based musician Maria Shiel who is also known as MS44 has intermingled a diverse selection of elements to administer a hypnotic dose of avant garde music. Her recent collaborations from ‘Dublin Home Sessions’ available on Soundcloud encompass earthy and folk influences from around the world combined with sprightly rock sounds, contemporary vibrations, electronic components, and entrancing vocals.

Delivered in a vibrant and youthful voice, Maria’s tracks will leave one to relish in the insightful messages of inspiration and thoughtful observations shared through her music. It is a joy to encounter the spirit-filled reverie of an artist through their very own creative lens. Her colorful journey is illustrated through textured layers of sound that span across the ages, often transcending genre-specific time periods. The songs venture through a wide scope of emotions that range from light-hearted and enthusiastic to dark and pensive, feelings that everyone can relate to at some point along their path to enlightenment. It is certainly wonderful to know that artists like Maria Shiel are not afraid to dig just a little bit deeper to bring reality front and center.

The collaboration is packed with surprising twists on otherwise traditional genres, revamping the styles with tech-savvy production and unconventional engineering. A zealous endeavor for almost any artist, the tracks take a novel approach in merging folk and tribal influences with seductive Latin rhythms and contemporary pop styles. This is the type of work that exemplifies the plight of an indie artist and their innate ability to tap into their innermost feelings and communicate them to the world through music.


The Breakdown

Innovative Production Style
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