on July 25, 2014

INTRODUCING – Stephen Grainger

Funky swagger, style & substance

Stephen Grainger was a happy find today in Soundcloud Reviews Towers. Kudos to Conover for reposting his music.

We love the 80s here.  We also love Daft Punk, mainly because they love the 80s.  In fact if you love either sound you’re going to dig this most rhythmic groove making musician.

Sweet guitar playing, authentic synth vibes.  We can’t pick a favourite, we’ve tried.  We love ALL of it.

In addition to recreating some top notch funk and disco sounds Stephen has the most entertaining biography on Soundcloud.  We really love that this amazing sound is produced on cheap and readily available musical equipment proving again (as Soundcloud does) that the rubbish in the mainstream really needs to be usurped by visionary renaissance humans such as Msr. Grainger.

Today is Friday, you’re probably about to clock off and get your party weekend started.  Get Stephen Grainger’s feel good funk into your playlists now.  Swagger, style & substance.


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