Homegrown Horticultural Wonder

on July 21, 2014

I hate the ukulele.  There is nothing worse that sitting outside a café only to be swarmed by a bearded pack of would be Honolulu troubadours each trying to out Hawai the other in a mangled plinky plonky take on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

It took a the work of Martin (of Wicklow, Ireland) AKA -GreenfingersMusic, to win me over.  Martin was quite justifiably been lauded by Soundcloud themselves as the reason the service rocks so much.  A busy family man and landscaper gardener, he creates his works using just his iPhone.  Yes.  You use it to repost pictures of kittens.  You will feel guilty when you listen to this masterpiece:

Yes that’s a ukulele you just heard duetting so languidly with that guitar.  Isn’t that wonderful?  I’ll say no more except you’ll need to playlist this one.  We’ll cover more of these smartphone symphonies soon.


Like the black beer* of his native Ireland – Martin is Pure Genius.

*Guinness, can’t believe I had to tell you that!