on July 23, 2014

Happy Ears Blue Rose

When one is churning out reviews on a daily basis one must be cognisant of not repeating one’s self or becoming indolent in the inscription of one’s prose.  In addition one must avoid the overuse of frivolous and obsolete vernacular lest the reader comes to believe the prose they’re reading is archaic and out-of-date.

Phew!  That all said the very lazy thing for us to do would be to compare this fleet fingered enigmatic songstress from Albion to Tori Amos.  The parallels are there and Tori is clearly a hero of Ms. AreBlue.  But to draw that parallel would be to miss the depth of the work and the strides Rose has undertaken to forward the format of female vocal and piano.

Rose publishes with astonishing prolificacy and awe inspiring proficiency.  One imagines her days spent endlessly churning out her heavenly music on her piano ending a days musical toil with a quick selfie and upload to Soundcloud.  Yes “heavenly”.  What a cheesy adjective.  In fact it could be also paired with the equally overused “ethereal” and the criminally underused  preternatural and gossamery.  The sound of Roses layered vocal juxtaposed with staccato piano parts is all these things and more.

We would suspect that Rose has the sincerity and ability to conjure atmospheres in a way that Ms. Amos lost five albums ago (sorry Tori, you’ve got a different vibe going these days, also cool).

There’s so much glorious brythonic mysticism on her profile that even a cursory exploration of her Soundcloud would be incredibly rewarding.

To make things easy we’ve collected a playlist to offer the perfect introduction to Roses oeuvre.

Who Be You – one refrain that will mesmerise you.  We love this the most.




You can buy Girl by RosesAreBlue right here!