Get Reviewed on Soundcloud Reviews!

We’ve big plans for Soundcloud Reviews.  We’re totally committed to getting the best music publicised wide and far including publicising our reviews across social media.  The more eyes on our page the more ears on your music.


Our Editorial Policy

We’re starting out by covering a range of genres that we know about which is pretty much everything except dance music in all its forms.  Once we get someone who knows there stuff with this genre on the team we’ll cover it.

If we find your music isn’t really quite up to scratch we won’t review it.  Our focus is getting the best music out to our readers and not warning them off profiles.  We will offer a critique but this will be private.


How To Get Reviewed By Us

Go to our Soundcloud group and submit your best music.  We’re always checking through it for gems in our search through Soundcloud.   It’s not a guarantee that we’ll review you but we’ll do our best to check it out.

We don’t take payola to write good reviews.  What’s the point?  If we give our readers rubbish music for funds then we lose them!

That said we want to invest in getting this website in front of listeners so you can skip the queue by chipping into our marketing fund by buying our Fiverr gig.  IF YOUR MUSIC IS NOT GOING TO GET A POSITIVE REVIEW FROM US WE’LL CANCEL IT.

Your investment in us will be used to buy advertising, pay off the SEO guys and some other surprise stuff that will ultimately get this website more exposure (therefore getting you more exposure).  We’re not looking to make money for ourselves.  We’re smart enough to know we won’t get rich from this.  We’ve invested in killer giant bee repellent manufacturers and tin foil hat millinery so we’re good.



What You Need For Your Review


  • A Landscape Photo – otherwise our designer will have to manufacture something and he’s grumpy.  All the time…
  • A biography – we may ask a few questions but you really should have 300 words written about yourself in general.  Music is enough but non-musician humans do like to know a little about where the sounds come from.
  • Your tracks on Soundcloud – yep, we’ve been getting emails from people who don’t have their music on Soundcloud…
  • Make songs embeddable – we don’t know why people don’t do this.  We want people to hear your music directly so we’d like to put them straight into the review.  This is the 21st century after all!  :)


Any questions?  Ask us!