on July 21, 2014

Get This Guy An Orchestra

Cinematic composer without a cinema - somebody fix this please!

There are a plethora of wannabe Hans Zimmer composer types on Soundcloud.  Libraries of big drums and strings available across the internet allow many to make sound-a-like pieces of the film composing greats.  Very rarely do we find music that has the same soul and spirit of the sounds of our favourite music.  If it wasn’t for Soundcloud we would never have come across the hidden brilliance of Frankfurt composer Phenteus who could be a modern day John Barry.


Phenteus is a composer without a job so he created a brief  and it is this focus that sets him away from the pack.  Taking inspiration from the stories of American author Philip K. Dick his self issued brief is to score the great author’s dystopian works.  The themes of a global domination by monolithic corporations are evoked in the percussion and dark string sounds  of Woman Clothed With The Sun with a Barry-esque dulcimer part relaying a narration – you can almost see a film scene!


A masterful Harpsichord part and stirring strings lead New Blood – a piece that gives a sense of unease 18th century style.

We ask one thing of the universe – please put an orchestra under this man’s command.

Phenteus doesn’t allow embeds on his profile but do yourself a huge favour and click into his profile now!



The Breakdown

Compostional Excellence
Ability to out Zimmer Zimmer