on July 18, 2014

Cosmic Echoes From California

If dreams need a soundtrack then Chris Pendergraft will fulfill.

Chris Prendegraft (AKA Echocosmic) is the penultimate example of the model Soundcloud citizen.  He proactively curates the cloud drawing attention to oddball gems that would otherwise remain hidden.  He also writes and produces a podcast featuring interviews from musicians bringing alive the stories behind the sounds and inanimate avatars of Soundcloud.

He’s also extremely prolific.  His cloud oozes near daily psychedelic gold.  Admittedly some of his material is highly experimental and not totally accessible for the Soundclouder in the street but with an output so prodigious and proficient there really is something for everybody here.

And so today we turn to one such masterwork now trending on the Indie chart (we’re not sure if it’s a chart in the traditional sense – we imagine it’s an algorithmic curator).

Last Day On Earth is Pendergraft’s answer to a challenge he explains: “So a friend said I could not write a ‘happy’ song – I said ‘All my songs are happy’, he replied ‘and not sarcastic!’ I’m like what sarcasm? Here is the result so I hope you all like it. Was walking with my kids to get a smoothie and it was just an amazing day, and I said something to the effect of “If this were the last day on earth, it would not be a bad way to go out” something my mother would say when I was growing up. So I was like hey, f-you dude- I can do this- so In your face- dear friend.”

Of course this is more than an induced dose of saccharinity  – this is a multifaceted masterpiece.  If the Pixies heard this they would nick it.  Musically Black-esque dual vocals fall gracefully around synth and guitar lines that makes one want to stop typing this review and run naked with an ice-cream through the streets.

We’ll revisit Chris’s work again so sit tight.

As always you can enjoy this wonder for free right on Soundcloud.  What are you waiting for?


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