on July 22, 2014

Semi Exposed Proboscises

A time capsule of sonic delights that keeps getting filled.

Semi Exposed Proboscises.  What a delightful way of saying a piece is a tribute to a big nose, or at least one that is partially exposed.  This one is our favourite from a ridiculously talented Californian who seems to have found a time capsule of sonic delight from 30 years ago.  If you’re the type of person that winds down to Pink Floyd or if you often ponder on where Daft Punk got their samples from then Bruce has a track for you.

We know precious little about the guy.  Assuming the photo is him then maybe he has a past as a producer or sound engineer and we reckon he’s been sitting on this pot of gold for some time, polishing it so it shines so brightly your ears will be warmed in the analogue lushness of it all.

There’s a fair bit of genre hopping with this collection.  It all sounds like the same guy – tied together by a certain approach to both the vocals and keyboard parts.  What we really like is the mystery.   Who is Conover?  Where does this stuff come from?  We haven’t found out but we think you’ll enjoy it all the same.

The Breakdown

Production and Performance
Quirky British Sounding Prog Bits
Joy quotient