Bunny Noir Soul

on October 27, 2014
This astonishing collaboration is terrifically bleak. Wonderously black. It's so dark that it would suck the light out of a room. Perfect for halloween.

Writing a song that expresses darkness takes more craft than any other mood.  It’s so easy to simply write of unease in the lyrics, dip into minor keys etc.  What really conveys a bleak atmosphere is a sense of how instruments and timbres interact and crucially how the vocalist enunciates lyrics.

That’s a lot of things to get right.  MOAG and Maureen Da Rosa have achieved this and more to create a preternaturally bleak danse macabre that would easily fit into one of Tim Burton’s creations.

Imagine a scathing Patti Smith and The Cure in more experimental mode.  Ominous baritone male vocals and a female lead that is imbued with more character than the cast of The Wire.  This is a joy and understandably a massive hit on Soundcloud.


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